Data Privacy & Security

As our values reflect, we are a Safety First company with a Radical Customer Focus. Protecting our customer and employee data is our top priority. We put these values into action by working to continuously improve the protections we afford our customers and the data they entrust to us. Privacy and Security work in concert from risk management planning through design and incident response.


We integrate Privacy and Safety by design at Robinhood. Expert stakeholders in Privacy and Security are engaged at every stage of product development to identify and mitigate privacy risk within and across all impacted functions. Our global privacy program is rooted in our commitment to protecting customer data. Our commitments to data privacy are outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Global Information Security Program

Our customers and employees trust us with their data and money, and we're committed to implementing security controls to protect information and funds. Our Chief Security Officer leads the global information security program designed to raise security awareness and to continuously improve robust security policies and safeguards to protect personal and financial data.

Our Policy Positions

We built Robinhood to be a different kind of financial services company - one that enables everyone to become an investor. Our policy positions are rooted in our mission to democratize finance for all. We're committed to engaging with our customers, policymakers, and other stakeholders to preserve and expand access to the financial markets and support our long-term business. Participation is power and we seek to inspire thoughtful conversations around building better financial futures for all. For more information, click here.