Financial Education for Everyone

Robinhood is committed to providing our customers with financial education across their investing journey. We start by offering in-app financial lessons focused on financial markets basics to all new customers and then provide ongoing education through a variety of channels. Robinhood's educational experience is designed to make it easier for customers to access the information they need to make better-informed decisions.

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In-app education

Launched in April 2021, our in-app education modules put learning the basics of investing at our customers' fingertips.

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Robinhood Learn

In 2022, we had approximately 4 million web page views of our digital educational content through Robinhood Learn, an online collection of beginners' guides, feature tutorials, and an extensive financial dictionary available to the public.

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In 2022, 18 million in-app users used newsfeeds to access free, premium financial news.

Community Engagement

At Robinhood, we demonstrate our commitment to democratizing finance for all through meaningful community engagement and innovative social impact with a diverse spectrum of mission-aligned people and organizations.

Opportunity Crypto

We created this program to deliver free, in-person crypto education workshops that present a holistic educational introduction to cryptocurrency. Some of our 2022 partners for this program included Amplify Latinx, Durham Chamber of Commerce, Florida Council on Economic Education, and the National Black Empowerment Council.

Florida Council on Economic Education

Robinhood partners with the Florida Council on Economic Education to offer free trainings for thousands of teachers to help prepare Florida's young people for personal and financial success.

Industry Convener

We continue to serve as a convener for thought-leaders in the financial empowerment space by hosting roundtables with leadership from the National Bankers Association Foundation, the National Association of Securities Professionals, Operation HOPE, and the World Economic Forum. In 2022, we participated in discussions to promote financial access and inclusion with a number of our partners, including: The National Bankers Association's Annual Conference, the Memorial Foundation's signature Wreath Laying Event on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and at an event hosted by FitMoney alongside NFL Player and Financial Educator Brandon Copeland.

Robinhood Money Drills

Robinhood Markets Money Drills is a financial education program for student athletes that aims to close the knowledge gap for this community as they navigate between scholarships, sponsorships, stipends, and the recent Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rule changes. By providing resources and support to universities, Money Drills empowers athletes to learn the fundamentals of financial management while still in school. Money Drills partnerships include West Virginia University, Kansas State University, and the University of Memphis.

"Every student has a different path and financial variables to navigate, and we are building out new opportunities to engage everyone on that journey in new ways. We are so grateful for the new partnership with Robinhood as we embark on a big goal of equipping every K-State student with financial competencies and life skills - whether it's support when creating a college budget plan, making decisions about loans and repayments, or understanding compensation and benefits with job offers."

Kathleen Hatch, Morrison Family Associate Vice President Student Well-being at Kansas State University

Growth, Motivation & Retention

Developing our Robinhoodies is essential to growing our business and fostering long-term success. We strive to create programs, tools, and resources that enable them to do incredible work, lead exceptional teams, and realize their full potential. We also design programs that nurture, sustain, and transmit our unique culture across the entire employee lifecycle. Our investments include:

  • Offering resources for all employees on critical topics including giving and receiving feedback, how to have meaningful performance conversations, and career growth and development;
  • Offering role-specific training, particularly for customer support associates and engineering roles;
  • Prioviding one-on-one career coaching tailored to each employee's unique goals;
  • Providing opportunities to increase belonging, apply leadership skills, and drive career development through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) which all have an executive sponsor.
Growth, Motivation & Retention

Inclusion, Equity & Belonging

At Robinhood, we strive to create a community where everyone feels valued and embrace the differences that enable us to foster a high performance culture that serves the needs of our diverse customer base. We believe a more diverse and inclusive culture will help us achieve that outcome. We also recognize that there are systemic barriers that have led to lower representation and limited growth for underrepresented groups in the finance and tech industries, so we’re committed to finding ways to disrupt bias and increase access.

Career Development

Our career development programs are designed to ensure that everyone has access to opportunities, resources, and support to achieve their professional goals regardless of their background, identity, or socio-economic status.

Diverse Representation

Attracting, motivating, and retaining diverse talent is critical to delivering on our mission. We strive for our workforce to reflect our customer base and communities everywhere.

Inclusive Hiring

We prioritize embedding inclusion into our hiring process by focusing on the critical skills for roles, seeking multiple perspectives on decisions, and providing candidates the option of an ambassador call with ERG members to learn more about experiences within Robinhood.

Culture of Belonging

At Robinhood, we want all Hoodies to feel valued for their unique perspective, comfortable bringing their full selves to work, and able to have high impact in their roles.